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Why LocoPro?


Instant services

Instant services

Get your work done when you need it done and not a week later

Best professionals

Best professionals

Find the best tradies with customer ratings and reviews

At your fingertips

At your fingertips

User-friendly app to quickly set up a job, get quotes and book pros

Free quotations

Free quotations

Get free quotations from reliable local professionals

Save money

Save money

Set the price, let professionals place bids and get more bang for your buck

Safety and security

Safety and security

Verified pros with criminal background and credit checks

How it Works


Pick your job

Just tell us what you need... If it helps, you can even shoot a video of the problem right from the LocoPro app

Pick your price

You can pick how much you want to pay and we will share your job with tradies around you

Pick your deal

LocoPro will get you quotes from professionals and their availability so you can pick the deal that works for you

About LocoPro

LocoPro is the future of home services. We use cutting-edge technologies to connect you with local professionals, tradies, and service providers. You can get free quotations from a vast network of verified, trained tradies from across New Zealand, and use our transparent customer rating and review system to find the best professionals.

Whatever help you need, you’ll find it on LocoPro.

Our mission

LocoPro is on a mission to create 200,000 jobs in New Zealand by 2022.We believe there is an abundance of untapped skill and talent that just needs to be connected with its customers. You can help LocoPro achieve this goal by using LocoPro to hire local talent, professionals or service providers whenever you need a helping hand. So the next time you need something done, get LocoPro!

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